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About the Rumble Coupe

The Rumble Coupe is a 1933 Plymouth Business Coupe model PCXX combined with a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8.

The 1933 Plymouth was purchased on Ebay in March 2008 a year after I retired. My wife and I traveled to Alabama to retrieve the car. After arriving at home I took 500 pictures for reference of everything before dismantling the car. Two of my friends are experienced welders who had connections at a welding supply company and expert fabricator and designer. With the help of my friends and wife I was able to complete this car in 8 years without any experience with building street rods – in my own garage!

A couple of weeks after the coupe’s purchase I took my wife to a Chinese restaurant and my fortune cookie said “Something on four wheels will soon be a fun investment for you”.

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